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Community Outreach Volunteer

The Community Outreach team helps promote the Sydney Paige Foundation by reaching out to various potential partners.  As an outreach volunteer, you will help identify potential outreach opportunities, such as churches, corporate partners, nonprofit partners, and hotels. Engage with our audiences about the value and services we provide through email or cold calls. We would provide you with email templates to help get the conversation going and join you on any potential opportunity calls.


Required Skills:

  • Strong written and verbal communication

  • Basic working knowledge of Google Suite

  • Comfort in cold calling/email outreach

  • Loves to interact with people and foster community engagement

No experience required, but may be useful if you have experience in sales, business development, marketing partnerships, etc.  All volunteers must be 18+ to apply.

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The Sydney Paige fundraising team is looking for volunteers to help us strategize and execute our fundraising strategies and events. Tasks could include researching opportunities (grants, business sponsorships, etc), planning our annual fundraising events, conducting email and phone outreach to potential funders, brainstorming new channels for funding, and identifying and executing crowd-sourcing campaigns. We are looking for creative, energetic volunteers to help us reach our goals!


Required Skills:

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills

  • Comfort in cold calling/email outreach

  • Loves to interact with people and bring about community engagement

  • Preference if have experience in writing/editing, sales or fundraising for other organizations


All volunteers must be 18+ to apply.


Fundraising Volunteer

Communications Volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer to drive and maintain our email marketing and donor management systems. Experience in email campaign production and management to help build effective email programs representing our value and services. You would also be responsible for content creation with the Sydney Paige CEO and ED, strategy and setup of the broadcast campaigns and email automation. The Donor Management system requires data entry, segmentation, generation of donation receipts and general maintenance.


Required Skills:

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong knowledge of best practices for email creative, segmentation, dynamic content, testing methodologies, deliverability, CAN-SPAM regs.

  • Ability to use data to continually test, measure and improve performance


Note: All volunteers must be at least 18+ to apply.

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