Providing Low-Income Students with Quality Backpacks and

School Supplies Leads to Higher Graduation Rates.

Backpacks are a style statement for kids of all ages.


With underwriting from corporations, foundations, and other donors, Sydney Paige works with schools and community- based non-profits nationwide to arrange local giveaways of our high-quality, kid-approved backpacks that come fully stocked with grade-appropriate school supplies.


So far, we’ve been able to help more than 90,000 students!


KIDS get excited about going to school and using their new learning tools.

Being upscale and trendy, our backpacks build confidence & last.

PARENTS love their kids’ enthusiasm and are grateful that their childrens‘ needs are being met.

Donations alleviate the shame parents feel for not being able to provide for their kids in this way.

TEACHERS appreciate that they don’t need to pay out-of-pocket to supply students for class.

Educators are able to focus on teaching, not on the stress of filling in supply gaps.

NON-PROFITS value that our partnership helps stretch strained resources.

Services can be upgraded without costing staff time, volunteer recruitment, or additional funding.

SPONSORS enjoy the impact they have on the communities where they live, work, and do business.

Partners value the branding and employee engagement opportunities offered.

Join Our Mission to Donate Items That Will Last and Excite to

Make a Deep and Meaningful Impact


"We received a donation from Sydney Paige and got a wide variety of styles that were perfect for all ages from 7-18!

Every kid walked away happy and so excited for their backpack.


Not only were all of the bags stylish and cool, but the quality of the bags are AMAZING - these kids will be wearing these backpacks for years."

— Meghan Neely

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City

"What a difference these backpacks and supplies make to our kids! My class homework completion rate went from a very sad 33% to 100% and holding!


The kids LOVE their backpacks! They feel special and BELIEVED IN because of this gift. As a teacher, seeing my kids more engaged in class & excited to do their work is the best gift of all. This is the foundation to great success!"

— 3rd Grade Teacher

Contra Costa County Elementary School

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