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For an online shopping experience, donate specific products to one of our existing drives,
or easily create one of your own!​

All bags were delivered to us from SYDNEY PAIGE completely filled and ready to go! Staff are selecting and distributing bags to give to their clients this week and the response has been incredible. We couldn’t be more grateful for a smooth backpack and school supply drive.

     - D.A. Blodgett - St. John's

Online Backpack + School Supply Drives -


We want our non-profit partners to focus on the amazing work they do, so we take away the time-consuming aspects such as collecting and sorting donations, tracking items on hand, and issuing tax receipts.


Supporters choose exact products to donate, with prices shown, so they know precisely what their monetary donation is providing.


Because we can buy in high quantities, we source high quality products for less.​


Among other things, the stellar technology used behind our drives allows supporters to create their own team drives (a sub-drive within a main drive), instantly share across social media, and see live updates on progress toward goals.

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