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"If you have a company that not only gives you a job that you're passionate about, but also has similar values to you, it helps your drive and helps you want to do better for yourself and for your company."

— Bianca Chaves, Prudential

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"Our employee pack-out event with Sydney Paige was so well organized that we were able to build 450 bags with 150 people in just 45 minutes. It was great to come into the office and do something that's going to make a huge impact on children in our local community."

— Irene Baba, PWC

A favorite of our Corporate & Community Partners, these hands-on events give employees, donors and supporters a chance to get more involved in the giving process and resulting impact.


We know you are busy and organizing such an event, not to mention the time and cost to go offsite, isn't always in the cards. That's why we bring the event to a location (or locations) of your choice.


Your supporters will be working with high quality items that they will be so proud to donate! No restaurant crayons, paper folders that will easily rip, or markers that will quickly dry out. All of our products have top brand quality without the inflated brand prices.


Who doesn't love a break from the norm, especially when it relates to helping others!

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With Sydney Paige, companies have the opportunity to engage employees through giving back, which is proven to increase employee morale and pride in the company they work for . . . leading to improved performance.  Don't have time for an offsite event?  No problem!  We will ship the backpacks and school supplies to you in bulk and your employees can have a 'pack party' to fill the bags with supplies, and a note of encouragement for even more of a personal touch.


We can ship the entire order to your business location(s) to be packed out, or just a portion with the rest packed out by us and shipped to the school or non-profit location(s) of your choice.

Enhance employee engagement even further, and double your impact, by doing an online drive where employees can donate and the company can match up to a certain dollar amount. CONTACT US to set one up today!


As an addition to your online drive(s), bringing supporters together for a pack-out event is an excellent way to increase engagement and achieve fundraising goals, not to mention they are a whole lot of fun!! Start your ONLINE DRIVE today!

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